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Managed Azure Services

Always Available. Seamlessly Scalable. Ever Reliable.

As an open and flexible hyperscale cloud platform that is always evolving, Microsoft Azure can prove to be ideal, yet challenging for organizations to build applications, deploy workloads, and manage their resources. Apps4Rent provides managed Azure services and assumes responsibility for design, delivery, and management of system software, infrastructure configurations, and Azure service consumption. Not only are our plans for managed Azure services fully transparent, but are also backed by round-the-clock phone, chat, and email support.

Why Migrate to Azure?

Reducing Investment Risk

Reduce your exposure to risk and protect your Azure investments from emerging threats. With our Managed Azure Advanced plan, avail of managed services like performing regular updates, patching and OS hardening. Besides, your servers and their critical services are monitored 24 x 7 to reduce your risk of downtimes.

Optimum Use of Resources

We will help you in designing the architecture to get the maximum out of your Azure subscription. Our architectural guidance will help you optimize and get better performance out of Azure investments. Our experts will help you with best practices and patterns to build applications on Azure.

Access to Global Datacenters

Deploy your servers, projects, and applications on infrastructure spread across 50 regions across various geographical locations in the world. You get 24/7 support via phone, chat, and e-mail when your signup for our Azure management plans.

Implement Azure with Right Expertise

Planning and Assessment

Due to its flexibility, Azure implementations can be optimized by our Azure experts anytime. Our product engineers along with Azure experts can help you with the Azure implementation and optimize it based on your requirements and applications you are using.

24/7 Monitoring of Azure

Right from signing up for Azure, to planning deployments, planning migration of workloads and final deployment will be executed by us with minimum downtime. All our Azure plans include 24/7 monitoring services for your Azure infrastructure and resources using our sophisticated monitoring tools.

Hybrid Deployments

Not all workloads can be moved to the public cloud and managing hybrid cloud is very tedious and time consuming. If you have applications that you cannot move to Azure due to different reasons, then our cloud architecture experts will plan and help you with hybrid deployments.

Get More Out of Azure

Full Azure Offerings

Microsoft is fully committed to growing and improving the Azure platform. Already the platform offers a variety of cloud solutions elements with a catalogue of applications and templates. As a Microsoft CSP, we offer these products at the same price as Microsoft.

Managed Azure Plans

Signup for our Azure management plans at attractive price points and have us manage your Azure environment. Your resources are managed by Microsoft Certified engineers with deep Azure expertise. Choose from our numerous Azure management plans. If you have any questions, feel free to contact our Azure experts now!

Single Point of Contact

When you purchase Azure from Apps4Rent, we become single point of contact for all your Azure related questions. You can contact our support team anytime who would help with all the Azure questions you have. We assign a dedicated account manager for each of our Azure services subscribers.

Why Apps4Rent for Managing Azure?

More Than 16 Years of Experience

We have more than 16 years of experience in designing and managing infrastructure of various types and sizes. We assess the environment, do a cost analysis, design the architecture of your environment, check-out migration feasibility of your workloads, deploy, and manage your environment and application in real-time.

Managed Azure Plans at Best Price

Get a Managed Azure plan for as low as $29.95 per month. Based on your requirements and based on what you want us to do, we have three simple Managed Azure plans. Azure Basic is priced for as low as $29.95 per month. Azure Advanced which includes OS level server maintenance and management is priced at $49.95 per month.

24/7 Support for the
End User

Any problems on Azure? You can get in touch with our Microsoft-certified engineers who are available 24/7 via phone, chat, and email. The maximum response time is 15 minutes with a quick resolution thereafter. If required, we also contact Microsoft Support on your behalf.

Serving Over 10,000 Businesses in More Than 90 Countries

Our Azure Plans

Managed Azure

Per Server Per Instance Per Month
  • 24 x 7 Monitoring
  • 24 x 7 Support
  • 1 Hour/Month Support
  • VM and OS Level

Managed Azure Advanced

Per Server Per Instance Per Month
  • 24 x 7 Monitoring
  • 24 x 7 Support
  • 1 Hour/Month Support
  • Critical OS Related
    Service Monitoring
Most Popular

Administration Plan

2-Hour Implementation
Overage Charges at $125/Hour
  • Installing Software Stack/3rd Party Apps
  • Deployment and Configuration
  • Optimization/Load Balancing
  • Hacked Server Investigation

Server Administration Plan

5-Hour Implementation
Overage Charges at $125/Hour
  • Installing Software Stack/3rd Party Apps
  • Deployment and Configuration
  • Optimization/Load Balancing
  • Hacked Server Investigation

Azure Services Offered by Apps4Rent

Storage & Backup

Get highly secure storage and backup services on Azure including blob, file, and queue storage.

App Hosting

Accelerate your app development by integrating App Service to your existing frameworks.

Disaster Recovery

Get excellent failover and redundancy on Azure with over 50 Azure regions all over the world.

Identity Management

Simplify your ID management process with Azure Active Directory (AD) by providing a single sign-on (SSO).

Infrastructure Management

Meet the growing needs of your business with highly available, secure, and scalable infrastructure on Azure cloud.

Ready-Made Azure Images

Apps4Rent offers over 200 Azure VM images which can be downloaded and used instantly from Azure Marketplace.

Get Over 200+ Ready-Made Azure VM Images at Apps4Rent

Apps4Rent offers over 200 ready-made Azure images which can be used instantly after downloading it from Azure Marketplace for free. If you want to use a particular application on Azure, we have created easy-to-download OS-compatible package which can save you a lot of installation hassles.

We have packaged over 200 open-source applications which covers a wide range of domains such as Content Management System, CRM, Database, Infrastructure, Platforms and more. Our Azure images are used by top companies including Citrix, Capgemini, Exxon Mobil, ICICI Bank, Palo Alto Networks, Telstra and more.

Check if your application is available here.

Southern California

Companies using our Azure solutions


Companies using our Azure solutions

Apps4Rent's Azure Support vs Microsoft Support

If you opt for Apps4Rent's Azure Support, you get the most out of your Azure investments. Our Azure Support is better than Microsoft Support. Here's why:

Features Apps4Rent Microsoft
Anti-Malware/Antivirus Protection
24/7 Monitoring
Managed OS Hardening
OS Layer File Integrity
Expert Configuration
Unlimited Server Administration
Disaster Management Infrastructure
OS and Application Management
Operating System Security Assessment
Proactive Maintenance
OS Patching
24/7 Expert Support to End-User
Monitoring Event Logs
Offsite Backups
Two-Factor Authentication
Migration Services
Infrastructure Support for Azure close Check mark

Why Choose Apps4Rent for Azure Migration Services?

If you choose Apps4Rent for managing your Azure, you get served by our rich and extensive experience in offering managed solutions from over 15 years. There are many other service providers out there, but only a few can claim our following accomplishments:

Why Apps4Rent for Azure Managed Services?
  • We have served over 10,000 businesses - from small and medium businesses to Fortune 500 companies. We are a force to reckon with when it comes to managing cloud infrastructure.
  • We are a Tier-1 Microsoft Partner for Azure & Office 365 - which means that Microsoft offers us the first preference for managing any of its products or services, over its other partners. Only a few partners possess this privileged distinction with Microsoft and we are one of them.
  • As a reliable Microsoft Partner, we hold Gold Certification in several competencies, including Cloud Platform and Cloud Productivity.
  • We offer services for all types of Azure deployments.
  • We can plan and help you with hybrid deployments of Azure.
  • You can start with moving small bits of your infrastructure to Azure and move it gradually once you start seeing the benefits of Azure hosting.
  • We offer 24/7 system administration services which include OS Management and Application Management.
  • Our Microsoft-certified experts are available 24/7/365 via phone, chat, and email to solve any issues related to your Azure deployment or any other technical questions.
  • Get a free 1-day migration assessment plan for on-premises to cloud migration for SQL, SharePoint, Exchange, and MS Project.

Case Study

Telecom Equipment Company Moved to Azure

How a Tech Firm Maintained Its Business Continuity During COVID-19 Crisis

Apps4Rent migrated legacy communication systems and IT office infrastructure to Azure in a record time without disrupting business.

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How An Energy Company Migrated to Azure

How An Energy Company Migrated to Azure to Serve Its Customers Better

A British energy services company leveraged Windows Virtual Desktop on Azure as its solution for cloud-first strategy.

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Redesigning Career Planning App on Azure

Redesigning Career Planning
App on Azure to Get High

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

1. Why should I choose Apps4Rent over Microsoft for Azure managed services?

Apps4Rent offers 24/7 support for end users which is extensive beyond Microsoft Azure services support. If there are issues which need to be escalated to Microsoft, we do it on your behalf as your CSP. Being a Tier 1 Microsoft Partner, we get quicker response from Microsoft. We are managed Azure providers who will help you with planning, designing the architecture, migrations, implementation, managing and monitoring your assets within Azure service offerings. As a Gold Certified Microsoft Partner, Apps4Rent has served over 10,000 clients across 90+ countries since 2003.

2. Can I continue using my own Azure account or do I have to subscribe to MS Azure services through Apps4Rent?

Yes. You can continue using your own Azure account, but if you move to our Azure Managed Service program, we can administer your Azure resources better. You get exactly same benefits and services as you get with Microsoft. As a Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) partner, Apps4Rent can transact across Microsoft cloud services including Microsoft Office 365, Enterprise Mobility Suite, and Dynamics CRM via a single platform, apart from providing managed services for Microsoft Azure.

3. What Azure services and applications does Apps4Rent offer?

Apart from fully managed Azure services, Apps4Rent provides a wide range of Azure services including migration services, storage, backups, application hosting, Disaster Recovery, Identity Management, cloud infrastructure, and more. Apps4Rent have expertise in migrating to the Cloud, Microsoft business software such as Exchange, SharePoint, Project Server, Dynamics CRM, and virtual machines. If you have questions for managing your applications on Azure, we have the answers for you.

4. Can I get highly secure environments such as Microsoft Government Cloud through Apps4Rent?

Yes. You can get highly secure environments such as Microsoft Government Cloud through Apps4Rent Azure Managed Cloud Service plans. We offer Office 365/ Microsoft 365, Azure solutions, and other Microsoft managed services. We have worked with government organizations at the county, state, and federal levels and completed projects successfully. Check with us if you are eligible for Microsoft Government Cloud.

5. What are the methods to manage Azure resources?

Microsoft Azure cloud services and resources can be managed using the following methods:

6. Who can benefit from the Azure service for cloud management by Apps4Rent?

Apps4Rent is the preferred Azure service provider for firms operating across various industry verticals. Here are some of the use cases that are ideal for our Microsoft Azure cloud managed services.

7. What can I expect from the Microsoft Azure cloud managed services offered by Apps4Rent?

Microsoft Azure managed services by Apps4Rent include but are not limited to the following.

6. How do I get started with Apps4Rent for Azure managed services?

You can click on "Submit Your Requirements" button above fill the form. Do not hesitate to contact our support desk if you have any questions. Thank you for choosing Apps4Rent as your Microsoft Azure managed service provider.

Bill, Project Manager, Columbus, Ohio

We found managing Azure to be quite challenging and tricky. If you just go with Microsoft, the granular updates and customizations won't be provided which can be crucial to your company. An Azure partner such as Apps4Rent brings a lot of rich experience on the table.

Kristen, Developer, Montgomery, Alabama

"If you do not have the right expertise to manage Azure, your money can drain down quickly. Apps4Rent has talented Azure engineers, who will be able to solve your cloud problems in no time. Even if you call them at 2 am, you get a steady response unlike other vendors."

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    "Excellent and knowledgeable service for Azure migration - just like as always expected from Apps4Rent."
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    Conrad - CPA in Allen, Texas

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