BlackBerry handheld configuration using BlackBerry Desktop Manager Software

BlackBerry Desktop Manager Software v4.2 System Requirements Internet/email enabled computer with an Intel 486 or higher processor One available USB or serial port Windows Operating System Requirements: USB: Windows 2000, Windows XP Outlook 2003/2007 installed and configured Desktop Manager Software installed 1. After installing the Blackberry Desktop Manager; connect the device to the computer using […]

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Install BlackBerry Desktop Software

How to Install BlackBerry Desktop Software Activation of the BlackBerry can also be performed by cradling the device to the computer and using the Desktop Redirector software provided by the carrier. First you need to check the version of your BlackBerry Handheld by clicking on Option and then About. If you have version 4.0 or […]

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BlackBerry Enterprise Activation Steps

BlackBerry Enterprise Activation Steps. The Blackberry Enterprise service delivers seamless bi-directional wireless synchronization of Exchange PIM data, e-mail, tasks, memos, calendars, and address books. It also provides automatic backup of user preferences and can provide additional security by remotely “killing” lost or stolen devices. Before you go for “Enterprise Activation; please ensure that you are […]

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