How to sync your Motorola Droid with Hosted Microsoft Exchange Server?

    The Motorola Droid, well known for the “Droid Does” commercials, is designed by Motorola, built on Google’s Android platform and exclusively distributed by Verizon Wireless. If these three giants working together to create the Motorola Android phone isn’t amazing enough, Motorola Droid, or just “Droid” can benefit from corporate email synchronization using hosted […]

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Steps to configure Hosted Microsoft Exchange Server on Motorola Cliq XT

Motorola’s new Cliq XT is the company’s latest handset built on the Google Android operating system. Like the original Cliq, the Cliq XT is available on T-Mobile and features Motorola’s Motoblur communications software and services suite. Motorola Cliq XT enables you to wirelessly synchronize your email and other information directly with the information stored on […]

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