Access your Cloud Desktop/VDI from Chromebook

To access your Cloud Desktop/VDI/Dedicated Desktop from a Windows computer, please follow the steps given below.

1.   Login into your Chromebook

2.   Make sure your Chromebook is upto date

3.   Goto

4.   Click on Add to Chrome

5.   Click on Add App

6.   Open Chrome Bowser and browse: chrome://apps/

7.   Click on Chrome RDP

8.   In the Computer Name field; enter “Desktop Name” or “RDP Host Name” given in your welcome e-mail

9.   Click on connect

10.  Leave the Domain blank

11.   In the Username field, enter the username as per your welcome e-mail.

12.   In the Password field, enter the password which you have.

13.   Click on Continue.

NOTE:   Incase, you receive a certificate prompt click on OK.

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