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SharePoint error message “You do not have the necessary permissions to use the ‘‘ object”

Error message when you try to add an existing Windows SharePoint Services 3.0 list to an Access 2007 database: “You do not have the necessary permissions to use the ‘<ListName>’ object”

When the Windows SharePoint Services list contains a column name that has more than 64 characters, you receive an error message that resembles the following:

You do not have the necessary permissions to use the ‘<ListName>‘ object. Have your system administrator or the person who created this object establish the appropriate permissions for you.

This problem occurs because the Access 2007 database engine disallows columns that have names that contain more than 64 characters.

To work around this problem, use only column names that contain less than 64 characters in Windows SharePoint Services lists.

Here is a URL from Microsoft’s website which explains the above stated behaviour.

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