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How Can I Access Virtual Desktop From A Mac?

Whether you are a loyal Windows user who has recently shifted to using Mac or a long time Mac user, if the situation demands you to access windows virtual desktop on your Mac OS, Microsoft Remote Desktop app allows you to do that.

Connect to a remote machine from anywhere, using your IPhone or Macintosh laptop, your IMac and IPad alike.

The RemoteFX protocols built into a Windows Server, give you the full Windows user experience for your VDI hosted on a Windows server in the data center. It’s designed to help you get your work done from wherever you are. RemoteFX, which is integrated with the RDP protocol, enables shared encryption, authentication, management, and device support.

At Apps4Rent, we will help you set up your VDI which you can access from your Mac, if you so desire.

Here is what you need to do:

  1. 1. You can buy Microsoft Remote Desktop from the iTunes store. Check out here:
  2. 2. The CoRD is the best suited client for mac users trying to access their VDI. Download this client from the following URL:

NOTE: Apps4Rent does not recommend or endorse functionality of any specific third party product. We have put this article for customers who are looking at various options to access Virtual Desktop or VDI service.

Here is the video which guides our customers on how to access the Virtual Desktop and VDI service from a Mac machine.

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