IP Requests

IP requests and Assignments.

Some of our Dedicated Server plans come with multiple IP’s.  While, the plan comes with multiple IP’s- for efficient IP allocation- multiple IP’s are only provided on request.  Multiple IP’s can only be given to customers if they request for it and fill the IP Utilization and Justification form.

The form asks for justification and optimum utilization of IP’s.  This is based on the policy from ARIN-whereby if the IP’s are reassigned to end users then the IP Utilization and IP Justification form needs to be filled.  When IP’s are assigned to us; we need to show the utilization as well as justify the usage.

Here is the link to ARIN website which outlines its policy.  For policy specific to customers and reassignment, please refer to section

Also, the following URL, clearly states that the form attached in this article has to be filled; before the IP’s are assigned.  Please visit the following link.

The form which is in MS Word can be downloaded here.

NOTE:  You need to have MS Word installed on your PC.  If you do not have MS Word; then you will need MS Word viewer installed on your PC.  The download MS Word viewer, please visit the following URL.

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