iPhone Exchange

With the newest updates, the Apple iPhone brings mobile connectivity to the office setting.  As much as Apple has taken over the home space, Microsoft has long been the major system for many small and enterprise-level businesses.  This has caused quite a bit of frustration between the Microsoft office users and the home Apple users.  However, with iPhone 3 and 3GS, seamless sync connection with Microsoft Exchange Server is not only possible, but makes good business sense.

iPhone Exchange and Sync

So what does all this mean for your business? Why is an Apple Microsoft blend such a huge deal? Imagine being able to sync iPhone with your Apple home computer.  Now also imagine being able to sync iPhone with your office Exchange network.  Lastly, imagine the amount of freedom you can now have in business.

No need to return to the office to enter contact information from new clients.  No need to update Office contacts and calendar.  Rather than having three sets of contacts, calendars and email accounts, it can all be done right there on iPhone – whether at work, home, at a client meeting, or off playing a round of golf.

What about using a hosted Microsoft Exchange account? Why are so many enterprises choosing it as their platform? Why are the sync abilities so exciting?

To conclude and answer, let’s look at the many features of hosted Exchange that quietly help iPhone with its tasks:

Hosted Exchange, inexpensive, convenient, reliable and productivity enhancing, can already be accessed from anywhere with a computer.  Since iPhone is a small computer, Exchange can now be accessed from, literally, anywhere.

Hosted Exchange also comes with ActiveSync, the program needed for iPhone and Exchange servers to connect seamlessly.  With ActiveSync, emails, contacts and calendar events are that much easier to sync.

Hosted Exchange accounts with Apps4Rent provides Anti-Spam and Anti-Virus software, helping iPhone be that much more secure.

Our hosted accounts include Entourage 2008 for those with an Apple computer at home.  Not only can you sync your iPhone, but you can also sync Apple Mac with your office Exchange account.

Hosted accounts can have multiple users.  Up until now, iPhone only allowed single users. However, in summer 2010, the expected 4.0 system update brings this ability to iPhone.  Sync iPhone with a hosted Enterprise level Exchange account and instantly have the ability to send personal and company-wide information to employees on a secure data connection.

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