Mark any Email as Good or Junk or Restore the Email

Go to the respective URL as per your MX record:
For MX1 & MX2
For MX9 & MX10
For MX11 & MX12
For MX14 & MX15

Username: Email Address
Password: XXX

When you click on any the 3 options: –

  1. 1 Good Messages
  2. 2 Possible Spam Messages
  3. 3 Spam Messages

It will show list of all emails that belong to the category you clicked
1.Messages that fall under good and possible spam categories are already delivered to your inbox.

2.When you click on any of the above 3 links this operation will take about 10-15 secs for the system to consolidate your data from multiple servers and show up the result as below.

In order to Mark the Email as Spam Click on Good Messages and select all email that you want to mark as Spam and Click on Mark as Junk Option

In the same way if want to Mark the Email as Good Click on Spam Messages and select all those email that you want to mark as Good and Click on Mark as Good Option

While you mark any message as good system also gives you option to restore the message as well as White list email or domain name. Optionally you can just click on restore message without marking it as good.

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