How to publish an Access 2013 database on a SharePoint 2013 Enterprise site

NOTE I:   You need to have either SharePoint Server 2013 Enterprise Plan or SharePoint Enterprise Starter Plan.  These steps are not valid for Access Hosting Standard or Access Hosting Enterprise Plans.
NOTE II:  You need to have MS Access 2013.

1.   Open MS Access 2013 on your desktop.
2.   Select an existing database or create a new database.
a.  To create new database go to the New tab in the left navigation pane.
b.  Select Blank desktop database from the templates.
c.   Specify the name of the database and click Create.
3.   Edit or Add your database tables as required.
4.   Select the table name from Left Pane.
5.   Right-click and select Export at the drop-down menu and then select SharePoint List.
6.   Specify a SharePoint site URL.
7.   Specify a name for a new list.
8.   Check the box Open the list when finished and then click OK.
9.   Your new database list will open in browser.
10.  Click on Stop to stop editing this list and to finish publishing the database.

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