Receiving fake e-mails from your own domain

NOTE: Please do not use this if you are using “Split-Domain” whereby some mailboxes are hosted with someone else and some mailboxes with us. This is also true for customers who use our POP3/MSM along with Exchange Services.

In certain cases, you might receive e-mails which have your domains name or your e-mail address but you have not sent those mails. This is due to spoofing. Spammers use this method to send e-mails from their own servers by faking the existing e-mail addresses and domains. This is a very old and well known method of “impersonating”. Spammers have used this method for popular domains like;; and so on.

Here is what you need to do; to ensure that you don’t receive fake e-mails from your own domain in your mailbox.

NOTE: You might still receive fake e-mails from other domains. These steps will ensure that you don’t receive fake/spoofed e-mails from your own domain.
You need to add an SPF record for your domain; by following these steps.

NOTE: Please wait for few hours for the DNS to propagate over the Internet for your new SPF records.

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