Steps to enable Anonymous Access in Flex and Dedicated SharePoint Server 2013

Anonymous Access allows your SharePoint site or its small part to be accessible from the Internet without a username and a password.  By default, SharePoint sites can only be accessed with a username and a password.  If you want to keep your SharePoint site or a specific part anonymously accessible then you need to follow the steps given below.

Enabling Anonymous Access in SharePoint Server 2013 is a simple two-step process.  First step is to enable anonymous access feature in the Central Admin.  Finally, you need to enable Anonymous Access in Site Collection.

Enable Anonymous Access in SharePoint’s Central Admin.

  1. Login into the server and access your Central Administrator.
  2. Under Application Management, click on Manage Web Applications.
  3. Select the relevant Web Application and click on Authentication Providers.   This option is at the top in the Ribbon.
  4. Click on the Default zone.
  5. In this dialog box, click on the check mark next to enable anonymous access.
  6. Scroll and click on save button.

Enabling Anonymous Access in the Site collection.

NOTE:   If you do not see the Anonymous Access option for a Site Collection, then this indicates that Anonymous Access is not enabled for the zone/Web App from within the Central Administration.

  1. Login into your SharePoint Site Collection as a Site administrator.
  2. Go to Site Settings.
  3. Under the Users and Permissions, click on Peoples and Groups.
  4. From the Ribbon at the top, click on Anonymous Access option.
  5. In this dialog, select what part you want to make anonymous.
  6. Click on OK.
  7. Now from the People and Groups; look for a new group called Anonymous Users.  Verify the permission that you set earlier.

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