ActiveSync Error 0x86000108

Fixing ActiveSync error 0x86000108.

Generally when you receive an error 0x86000108 in ActiveSync, it indicates that there is a corrupted item in your mailbox, mail item or calendar.

The best way to resolve this issue is to set the mailbox to download ALL ITEMS to the device.
1. Goto ActiveSync

2. Select Menu and then Options

3. Tap Mailbox / Calendar

4. Select Settings

5 Select Download ALL

6. Tap OK .

If the issue persists it generally means that some contacts are corrupted.

To find the corrupt item please use Outlook client, click on the contact link and choose to view the contacts by Company View.

Once mailbox contacts are in this view, click on the full name tag twice to bring all the empty line and entries that have blank spaces or special characters to the top. Now if you see any blank lines delete them. If you see any fields with special characters or spaces, fix or delete that contact.

Perform a re-synchronization of the mailbox to fix the problem.

If you still have problems try this alternate solution:

a. Go to mail view of Outlook client.
b. Create a temp folder as a child of the Inbox.
c. Move all e-mails that are in the inbox to this temp folder.
d. Sync the device, should be successful now.
e. Move the e-mails back to the inbox folder.
f. Sync the device, again should be successful and will keep working.

If also having trouble syncing the calendar. To solve this do the following:

a. Go to calendar view of Outlook client.
b. In the view menu click Current View.
c. Click By Category.
d. Export all items to a PST file.
e. Delete all calendar items.
f. Sync the device, should be successful now.
g. Restore the calendar with the .pst file.
h. Sync the device, again should be successful and will keep working.

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