How to sync your Motorola Droid with Hosted Microsoft Exchange Server?



The Motorola Droid, well known for the “Droid Does” commercials, is designed by Motorola, built on Google’s Android platform and exclusively distributed by Verizon Wireless. If these three giants working together to create the Motorola Android phone isn’t amazing enough, Motorola Droid, or just “Droid” can benefit from corporate email synchronization using hosted Exchange from Apps4Rent.

Sync your Motorola Droid phone with your company Outlook software and Microsoft Exchange server

1. From the main screen press Menu.

2. Tap Settings.

3. Tap Accounts & sync.

4. Tap Add account.

5. Tap Corporate.

6. Enter your user name, password and server details. Tap Next. You may need to get this information from your company helpdesk.

7. Choose which features you would like to sync. Email, Contacts, and/or Calendar.

8. Tap Save & sync.

So you carry a Motorola Droid? Then haven’t your doubts about syncing it with Microsoft Exchange Server vanished?

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