Cannot see all options in the Control Panel

Issue: I am not able to see all the options in the Control Panel.  For example:  Option to delete a user.


1.   Please try using Internet Explorer as your browser.  IE 7.0 or higher is recommended.

2.   Please ensure that you are the administrator for the control panel.  You can verify this by clicking on your name in the Control Panel and check the Permission.  It should be Company Administrator.  Alternately, you need to verify if you are able to see Company Info in the left menu.

3.   Change your control panel language.  Select Language as English from the Top Right Hand Side.

4.   Change your browser Language for some time.

a.   In Internet Explorer, please click on Tools and click Internet Options.

b.   Please click on Languages Button at the bottom.

c.   Click on Add.

d.   Scroll through the list and select English (United States) [en-us].

e.   From the Language box, highlight English (United States) [en-us] and click on Move up.

f.   Click on OK.  Close all your browsers.

g.   Open a browser again and type in and login.

h.  Perform the necessary tasks.

i.   From the Languages section; click your local language that you had as default previously and click on Move up.

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