Change Language in Outlook Web Access – OWA

How to Change Language Settings in Outlook Web Access – OWA?

Regional Settings

Options on this page allows you to set the language with Date and Time formats. The language that you select automatically adjusts the date and time settings. Changes to these settings will take effect after you refresh the browser or log off and log on again.


The Language settings let you change the language that is used for Outlook Web Access. The language settings are first configured when you log on to Outlook Web Access for the first time. You can then use this page to change those language settings at any time.

Choose language: Use the list of supported languages to set the language that you want Outlook Web Access to use.

If you choose a different language from the currently selected one, the following link will be displayed Rename default folders so their names match the specified language. Click this link to rename your folders in the new language.

Managed Folders will not be renamed until your system administrator runs the managed folder assistant.

Date and Time Formats

These settings let you set the date and time format. You can also set and current time zone for Outlook Web Access. Configuring the language setting automatically adjusts the date and time formats. However, modifying the date and time format settings do not change the language setting.

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