Configure Palm Treo E-mail using Versamail to sync with Hosted Microsoft Exchange Server

Setting up Palm Treo using VersaMail.
1. On Treo device, press the ‘Home’ key to get to the ‘All’ page.
2. Type ‘V’ and choose “VersaMail”.
3. If you are setting up Versamail for first time; you will be taken to the ‘Account Setup’ screen.
4. Choose a descriptive name for the account.
5. If this is an additional account in VersaMail then:
a. Tap the menu button
b. Choose ‘Accounts/ Account Setup’
c. In the ‘Account Setup’ screen, tap the ‘New…’ button
d. Choose a descriptive name for the account.
6. For the ‘Mail Service’, choose ‘Exchange ActiveSync’, and tap ‘Next’.
7. Enter your username and password and tap ‘Next’.
8. Enter your primary email address, and enter ‘’ as the Mail Server.
9. Tap ‘Next’, and then press the ‘Test Settings’ to verify that you are able to connect.
A window with ‘Success!!!’ message is displayed on successful completion.
10. Click ‘Done’ to complete the setup.
11. You may be presented with the message: “This account syncs email and calendar. To prevent duplicates, info in your device Calendar will be deleted. It will be replaced with Exchange server info when you tap the Sync button in VersaMail. Do you want to continue?”
12. To complete the setup, you’ll need to answer ‘Yes’ to this message.

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