Configuring Palm Centro to sync with Hosted Microsoft Exchange Server

While configuring Exchange ActiveSync account on a Centro smartphone, it is possible to sync email, calendar, contacts, etc. using corporate groupware information on a Microsoft Exchange 2003 or 2007 server: Information in these applications is pushed using Microsoft Direct Push directly from the server to your device or wirelessly synchronizes directly with the server from your device without using a desktop computer.

Configuring Palm Centro to sync with Microsoft Exchange Server

  • If this is the first email account you’ve set up in VersaMail, you’ll see an Account Setup option. Select Continue .
  • If you’ve already set up one account in VersaMail, you’ll see the Inbox. Press Menu. From the Accounts menu, select Account Setup. Then select New.
  • Enter the account username and password:

ØEnter the username you use to access your email.

ØSelect the Password box, enter your email account password, and then select OK.

ØSelect Next.

  • Select Outlook (EAS) from the Mail Type drop-down menu.
  • Enter your Exchange Mail Server name.

ØThen select one of the following:

ØDone: Finish and go to the Inbox of the account you set up, where you can begin receiving and sending email.

ØAdvanced: Set more mail options.

ØTest Settings: Ping the Exchange Server to determine if your settings are correct, without downloading email yet. You’ll see a message that states whether the test was successful.

  • Optional: If you selected Advanced… Select any of the following:

ØPort Number: By default, the port number setting is 443. You may need to change the port number if you choose not to retrieve incoming mail over a secure connection.

ØUse Secure Connection (SSL): By default, this box is checked, meaning you can retrieve incoming mail over a secure (Secure Sockets Layer, or SSL) connection. Uncheck the box if you do not want to receive email over an SSL connection.

ØSelect Next.

  • Optional: If you selected Advanced … If you use a proxy server, enter the proxy server name and port number, and check the box if your server requires authentication. Check with your system administrator for this information.
  • When you have finished, select Done.

You have synced your Palm Centro with Microsoft Exchange Server!

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