Configuring Palm Treo 680 to synchronize with Hosted Microsoft Exchange Server

Configuring Palm Treo 680 to synchronize with Microsoft Exchange Server

On your smartphone, press Power/End to wake up the screen, and then press Center to turn off Keyguard.

Press Applications and select Email to open the VersaMail application.

If this is the first email account you’ve set up in VersaMail, you’ll see an initial setup option. Select Continue (not pictured)

If this is not the first email account you’ve set up in VersaMail, you’ll see the Inbox.

From the Inbox, press Menu. From the Accounts menu, select Acount Setup. Then select New (pictured).

Enter the basic account information:

  • In the Account Name field, enter a descriptive name. This can be anything you wish, such as “Work Email.”
  • Select the Mail Service pick list, and then select Exchange ActiveSync.

Select Next.

Enter the account username and password:

  • Enter the username you use to access your email. In some systems, this is your Windows username (such as “Isabella Baumfree”); in other systems, it’s something else. Get this information from your IT department.
  • Select the Password box, enter your email account password, and then select OK. Again, in some cases, this is your Windows password. Talk to IT about this password.

Select Next.

Enter your email address and Exchange mail server name.

Select Next.

Select one of the following:

  • Done: Finish and go to the Inbox of the account you set up, where you can begin getting and sending email.
  • Advanced: Set more mail options.
  • Test Settings: Ping the Exchange Server and find out if your settings are correct, without downloading email yet. You’ll see a message that states whether the test was successful.

Optional: If you selected Advanced … Select any of the following:

  • Port Number: By default, the port number setting is 443. You may need to change the port number if you choose not to retrieve incoming mail over a secure connection.
  • Use Secure Connection (SSL): By default, this box is checked, meaning you can retrieve incoming mail over a secure (Secure Sockets Layer, or SSL) connection. Uncheck the box if you do not want to receive email over an SSL connection.

Select Next.

Optional: If you selected Advanced … If you use a proxy server, enter the proxy server name and port number, and check the box if your server requires authentication. Check with your system administrator for this information.

When you have finished, select Done.

You have synced your Palm Treo 680 with Microsoft Exchange Server successfully!

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