Create a SharePoint list based on SpreadSheet

Create a SharePoint List based on SpreadSheet.

1. Login into your SharePoint Site and click on Site Actions.
2. Select Create.
3. Click on Import Spreadsheet from the Customs List.
4. Enter the Name and Description.
5. In the Import from Spreadsheet section, click in the File location box. Click Browse to find the spreadsheet file that contains the list that you want to import, and then click Open.
6. Click Import.

In the Import to Windows SharePoint Services list dialog box, enter the range of cells that you want to use for your list.

7. In the Import to Windows SharePoint Services list dialog box, click Import.

NOTE: Typically, the columns are set up on the SharePoint site based on the type of data that they contain. After you import a list, however, you should inspect the columns and data to make sure that everything was imported as you expected. For example, you may want to specify that a column contains currency rather than just a number. To view or change the list settings, open the list, and then click List Settings on the Settings menu.

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