How to create custom email rules for all users?

NOTE:  This is only for our Hosted Exchange 2007 and Hosted Exchange 2010 customers and is only for Org/Company administrators.

Company Level:   Changes done here will affect all your users.  In other words, when you create a rule here; and if a mail is received with the specified rule for any of your e-mail address then the action will be based on the rule you have defined by following this article.

Creating a Custom Rule.

1.   Visit
2.   Login with the username and password.
3.   From the top right hand corner click on “Change Streams”.
4.   From the drop down click on Default.  If you do not see anything from the drop down; then you are not the administrator of the Org/Company.  This might be due to the fact that you have not logged in with the username which starts with
5.   Click on “View this Stream”.
6.   Click on Rules.
7.   Click on Custom Rules.
8.   From the drop down in the field, select the relevant field.  For Example ‘Subject’; In the “Relation” field select “Contains”; In the Data field enter the data for example; if you are setting a rule for mails with Subject Line “Rolex” then enter the word Rolex.
9.   In the Score Filed; enter the Score you want to assign to the mail.  You can add more comments for future reference.
10.  Click on Submit changes button.

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