Create SharePoint Meeting Workspaces from Microsoft Outlook 2007

How do I create SharePoint Meeting Workspaces from Outlook 2007.

You can create a Meeting Workspace site whenever you create a meeting request in Outlook 2007. A Meeting Workspace can be used to share your meeting objectives, publish documents, track tasks and do other collaborative actions pertaining to that specific meeting all from one central location.

Follow these steps to create a Meeting Workspace from Outlook 2007:

1. Create a new meeting request by clicking on the down arrow beside New on the standard toolbar and selecting Meeting Request.
2. Type the e-mail address of the people you want to invite to the meeting and complete all other necessary information.
3. On the Meeting tab, click on Meeting Workspace. A Meeting Workspace task pane will appear to the right of the form.
4. In the Meeting Workspace task pane, click on Change Settings.
5. Click the down arrow next to Select a location, and then select Other. The Other Workspace Server dialog box will be displayed.
6. Type the URL of the SharePoint site. The Meeting Workspace site will be a subsite of the SharePoint site you type here. Click OK.
7. In the Meeting Workspace task pane, click OK, and then click Create. Outlook 2007 will then create the workspace in the SharePoint site. Inside your Outlook 2007 request a URL to the meeting workspace will be automatically included.
8. Click on Send.

NOTE: Make sure your user has sufficient rights to create a SharePoint site.

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