Creating an appointment in Outlook Calendar with public/private option

How to create an appointment in Outlook:

1. Go to Calendar.

2. From the toolbar, click New. Alternately, you can also double click a time slot inside the calendar view.

3. Enter a brief description of the appointment in subject field.

3. Enter the location where the appointment occurs.

4. Select the relevant date and time from the list.

5. In the Show time as list, select how you want your schedule to appear for the duration of the appointment. Your selection (Busy, Free, Tentative, or Out of Office) is what others will see when they view your schedule.

6. If the default time interval for reminders is not satisfactory, set it to the interval that you want.

7.  Clicking Private will prevent other members from viewing the details of that appointment.

8. Type additional information related to the appointment in the message field.

9. Click Save and Close. Alternately, press CTRL+S before closing the appointment form browser window.

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