How do my team members update the status of Tasks?

Task status that you submit is different from your timesheet. Based on the hierarchy and structure of your organization; task status is usually reviewed by the project manager; whereas timesheets are sent to the timesheet approver and timesheet reports the hours that member has worked on different items.

1. On the Quick Launch, under My Work, click My Tasks.

2. In the Progress column, enter the status of each task or project.

Note: If you have multiple tasks with the same name, you might find it helpful to view a task’s path within the project to make sure you are entering status information for the correct task. Select the task in question, and then click the drop-down arrow that appears to the right of the task. Click Task path to display a window that shows the task’s place within the project’s hierarchy. This feature is available as part of the Infrastructure Update for Microsoft Office Servers.

3. Select the Send Comment check box if you want to send a comment about your status to the status manager.

4. Select the check box in the left column for each task that you want to submit, and then click Submit Selected.

If you chose to include a comment for your status manager, a window appears. Type your comments about your status in the box in this window, and then click OK. Your status is submitted.

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