How will the user access QuickBooks on a Cloud Desktop?

If you have been using QuickBooks on your local desktop, you can use it effectively on a Cloud Desktop to access your QuickBooks anytime anywhere. You can access QuickBooks on a Cloud Desktop using a Remote Desktop Protocol available in Windows. Once you signup with us, our Apps4Rent representatives will assist you comprehensively via phone to access your QuickBooks on the cloud. Also, you will be provided with a complete step-by-step guide via email.

Here’s how you can access your QuickBooks Cloud Desktop using Remote Desktop Protocol:

1. Type “Remote Desktop Connection” in your Windows search bar

2. Type the username/password (This will be provided to you), then Connect.

3. Check the security notification and continue. (This is generally not to be feared)

4. Wait till your Remote Desktop loads.

5. On your Virtual Desktop (Cloud Desktop), launch the installed QuickBooks application.

This is how you can access QuickBooks from anywhere anytime using Cloud Desktop with just username/password.

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