How to add a local PST file to an Outlook Profile in Microsoft Outlook 2007?

1.    Open Outlook hosting .
2.    Click on File and select Data File Management.
3.    Goto the Data Files Tab.
4.    Click on Add.
5.    In the New Data File Window; select Outlook Personal Folders File(.pst) as type.
6.    Click OK.
7.    Browse to the location where you have saved your PST and click OK.
8.    Give it a name and click OK.
9.    The file will gets “attached” to hosted Outlook.  This file (mails and folders) will not be at the top but below your existing OST that you use for dedicated exchange server.

NOTE:   Mails/Folders in this newly attached PST is local in nature and is not available in OWA.  If you want to have the mails and folders of this PST in OWA then you will need to drag and drop them in your OST file which is usually with your Display Name.

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