How to assign access permissions to Calendars in Microsoft Entourage?

How to assign access permissions to your hosted Exchange Calendar from Microsoft Entourage interface?

1. Open Microsoft Entourage, do a ‘control’ click on your calendar on the left pane.
2. Select Sharing and it will retrieve all the users having permissions on your Calendar.
3. Please click on add user.
4. On the select user window click Advanced.
5. Fill the domain name as APPS4RENT.
6. Fill in account ID with the same name of the user which is mentioned in Control Panel. (This is different from the email address)
7. Then click on OK. In Permissions windows now the user will be visible. Click on the Name and select the appropriate access permissions you wish to give and click OK. It will synchronize and update the access permissions on the Exchange server.
8. That’s all, now user should be able to access your calendar.

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