How to Configure Bluelans Communication Sciphone N21 to sync with Hosted Exchange Server?

Bluelans Communication Sciphone N21 Android smartphone supports dual SIM dual standby, tri-band, and 5.0m auto focus camera. Being an Android phone, Sciphone N21 can be configured or set up to sync with Microsoft Exchange Server.

How to Configure Sync with hosted Microsoft Exchange server for Bluelans Communication Sciphone N21?

  1. From the Home screen, tap the gray Application button
  2. Tap Email
  3. Tap Next
  4. Using the keyboard, enter: Email Address, Your full email address, Password and Your email password
  5. Tap Next
  6. Tap Exchange account
  7. Complete the following fields, i.e., Domain\Username, Your full email address preceded by a backslash and then click Next
  8. Select your desired Account options, and then tap Next
  9. Select your desired settings on Set up email, and then tap Done

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