How to configure your Xda Orbit to sync with Hosted Microsoft Exchange server?

The Xda Orbit is a Windows-based Smartphone designed for customers who want a stylish, compact, lightweight device for voice, browsing and applications, in addition to Sat Nav and multimedia capabilities. Using Xda, you can be in touch with your important mails, calendar, tasks, notes, etc in your Microsoft Outlook mail. But for that you should configure your Xda Orbit with Microsoft Exchange Hosting Server. You want to know how to do that. Then take a look here:

How to configure your Xda Orbit to sync with Microsoft Exchange server?

  1. Make sure you have a direct Internet connection by setting up a Wi-Fi connection or by using your phone’s cellular connection.
  1. On your phone, on the Home screen, click Start > Programs > ActiveSync > Menu > Add Server Source.
  1. ActiveSync menu with Add Server Source selected.
  1. NoteIf you’ve already set up a sync partnership with an Microsoft Exchange server, the option appears as Configure Server instead of Add Server Source.
  1. Enter your e-mail address.
  1. Select Attempt to detect Exchange Server Settings automatically, and click Next.
  1. In the Server address field, enter the name of the Exchange server.
  1. If encrypted connections are supported by your Exchange server, select the This server requires an encrypted (SSL) connection check box, and click Next.
  1. Enter your user name, password, and domain name.
  1. If you want the phone to save your password so that you won’t have to enter it again when synchronizing, select the Save password check box, and click Next.
  1. Select the check boxes for the information that you want to sync with the Exchange server.
  1. To change available synchronization settings, select the type of information, and click Menu > Settings.
  1. If you want to change the rules for resolving synchronization conflicts, click Menu > Advanced.
  1. Click Finish.

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