How to create a new Timesheet?

NOTE: Your site administrator has to set up time reporting periods. If you do not see Create a new Timesheet option; then the reporting periods have not been set. Please contact you Site Administrator.

To create a new timesheet:

1.On the Quick Launch, under My Work, click Timesheet.

2.To create a timesheet for a reporting period other than the current one, on the Timesheet tab of the Ribbon, click Select Period.

3.Choose a date within the reporting period for that timesheet, and then click OK.

The timesheet will automatically contain all of your project tasks, with work planned for the period, as well as any standard non-project activities.

For more control over what data is pre-populated in a new timesheet:

1. On the Quick Launch, under Settings, click Manage Timesheets.

2. Place the mouse cursor over the Click to Create link in the Timesheet Name column for the timesheet in the period you want to create, and then click the arrow that appears.

3. Choose a method for pre-populating your timesheet: Create with Default Setting, Create with Tasks, Create with Projects, or Do not Autopopulate.

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