How to send a document link to others?

Finding ways to send a link to a document to your friends, colleagues, boss, etc.? Then take a quick glance at how to send a document’s link to others

Step 1 to send the document link

Method 1: Sending a Link Via the Right Click

  1. Right click exactly on the document you wish to send a link to
  2. Click on Copy Shortcut
  3. Now the shortcut will be in the clipboard. If you paste that shortcut in an email or work document it will automatically create a hyper link to it. When other users click on that link they will be able to open the document directly.


Step2 to send a document link

Method 2: Sending a Link Via the Item Menu

  1. Hover over the document you wish to email a link to
  2. Click on the down arrow to pull the menu
  3. Hover Over Send To
  4. Click on E-mail a Link
  5. A new email message will come up with a link automatically pointing to the document.

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