How to send/receive an encrypted email?

  1. Draft the email which you need to send with end to end encryption. You can draft it on the outlook or webmail or the mobile devices.
  2. After the subject, add the word “Encrypted” and put the password in a bracket. Whatever you mention in the bracket will be the password for this email. You need to share this password to the recipient to open the email.
  3. Now the draft will look like the below
  4. If you have any attachment to send on the encrypted email, then add it to the email.
  5. Send out the email. Now, you need to contact the recipient and share the password.
  6. Once the email is sent, the email system will convert the email to a PDF file. The recipient will see an email like below.
  7. In order to access the email, the recipient should have a PDF reader (e.g Adobe Acrobat Reader) installed on the local computer/mobile device. Adobe can be downloaded from below URL:
  8. Once the email is received, the recipient need to save the PDF file to the local computer.

  9. Once the file is saved, open it with the PDF reader
  10. PDF reader will prompt for the password. Type the password shared by the sender
  11. Now the recipient can see the email content securely
  12. If the original email had any attachment in it, then click on the attachment section of the PDF reader to open the attached file.

  13. Access the encrypted email on a mobile device:

  14. If the recipient is using a mobile device, click on the PDF file, it will open the email using the PDF reader installed on the device. (Ensure that the PDF reader installed at the receiving device)
  15. If there was any attachment on the original email, then click on the three dots on the top right corner of the email opened in the PDF reader.
  16. Click on the option attachments.
  17. Now you can access the attachment as below.

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