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How to upload multiple documents into a document library?

Check out steps to upload mutliple documents into a document library

There are four ways to upload multiple documents in a document library. However, in the video we have only shown two steps.

Method 1: Using the Upload Multiple Documents Page (ActiveX)

  1. Click on Add New Document link
  2. Click on Upload Multiple Files…
  3. Select the Files you wish to upload

Method 2: From the List View

  1. Click on the little arrow by Upload to get the drop down.
  2. Click on “Upload Multiple Documents”

Method 3: From the List View Using the Explorer View

  1. Click on Actions
  2. Click on Open with Windows Explorer
  3. You can now drop files in here or paste files

Method 4: Using View in Windows Explorer Option

  1. Click on the View Drop down
  2. Click on Explorer View.

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