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iCal sync issues with Exchange when Stuck in offline mode

Syncing iCal with Exchange  when stuck in the offline mode

Please follow the steps given below to address the above mentioned issue.

Note: We strongly recommend that you take a backup of your content before you follow these steps. The steps provided here are not due to an issue from the server side. The steps provided here are to help Mac users who might be facing such issues. Apps4Rent takes no liability for any data loss which might occur after following these steps.

1. Launch iCal on your Mac.

2. Select Preferences from the iCal menu.

3. Select the Exchange Account for which you are facing issues.

4. Delete the Account by clicking (-) at the lower left. This steps is done locally.

5. Add the Account back by clicking (+) at the lower left.

6. Please enter your account details.

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Hosted Apps – Exchange SharePoint

1. Launch iCal.. select Preferences from the iCal menu

2. Select the Exchange Account that is having issues

3. Delete the Account (locally) by clicking ‘-‘ at the lower left.

4. Add the Account (locally) back by clicking ‘+’ at the lower left and providing

your account details (Exchange Type, email address, password)

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