iPhone 5 and Exchange

Setup and Configure iPhone 5 and Microsoft Exchange Server

Now it has happened. Apple has announced the release of the iPhone 5. With each new model in the iPhone product line there have been new features and other innovations. Some of these have been major and some of them not as significant. The protocol for interfacing with Microsoft Exchange is an industry standard and obviously very well established. It would be an unprecedented turn of events if Apple were to change how the iPhone 5 implemented its relationship with MS Exchange and MS Exchange Server.

Therefore, it seems natural that the next release in the Apple mobile phone series will establish connectivity with Microsoft Exchange Server in much the same way it did with its predecessors.

Of course this is all good news.

No need to return to your office HQ enter contact information from new customers.  No need to update Office contacts, memos and calendar. Rather than having three sets of contacts, calendars and email accounts, it will all be centralized and coordinated on your iPhone 5&mdashwhether at on the road, at the office or working from home you will be fully connected.

There is also the option of using hosted Microsoft Exchange account? With so many enterprises choosing it as their platform it would be wise for you to do the same.
Many features of hosted Exchange work with the iPhone to help you complete your tasks:

—Hosted Exchange is inexpensive, convenient, reliable and productivity enhancing. It can be accessed from anywhere with any compatible device.  Since the iPhone 5 is ultimately a small computer, Exchange can now be accessed from anywhere at any time.

—Hosted MS Exchange also comes with ActiveSync, the program needed for iPhone and Exchange servers to connect seamlessly.  With ActiveSync, emails, contacts and calendar events are that much easier to sync.

—Hosted Microsoft Exchange accounts with Apps4Rent provides anti-spam and anti-virus software which helps to ensure your Apple iPhone remains safe and secure.

—Our hosted accounts include Entourage 2008 for those with an Apple computer at home.  Not only can you sync your iPhone, but you can also sync Apple Mac with your office Exchange account.

—Hosted accounts can have multiple users.  Up until now, iPhone only allowed single users. However, in summer 2010, the expected 4.0 system update brings this ability to iPhone.  Sync iPhone with a hosted Enterprise level Exchange account and instantly have the ability to send personal and company-wide information to employees on a secure data connection.

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