Manage Safe Senders List in Outllok Web Access (OWA)

To manage Safe Senders List from Outlook Web Access (OWA), please read the details given below.

1. Click on Options.

2. Select Junk E-mail.

Manage Safe Senders List


This list will contain list of domains and e-mail ID’s that you choose are safe for you. Any e-mail coming form the domain or e-mail ID in this list will be directly delivered to your Inbox.

Adding a sender to this list in Outlook Web Access.

1. Inside Manage Safe Senders List.

2. Click Add.

3. Type an e-mail address or domain in the text box, and then press ENTER.

To modify a sender in the list:

1. Select the sender

2. Click Edit.

3. Change the entry, and then press ENTER.

To remove a sender from the list

1. Select the sender.

2. Click Remove.

You can use the SHIFT key to select multiple adjacent senders or the CTRL key to select multiple senders that are not adjacent.

To include your contacts as safe senders.

1. Select the Also trust e-mail from my Contacts check box.

2. Click Save to save your settings.

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