Managing Junk E-mail Sender and Recipients List in Outlook Web Access (OWA)

There are various options that you can use to avoid clogging of your mail box by spam. Apps4Rent has a strong and rigid anti-spam feature. However, you can also tweak and manage spam mails that get through. You can make the changes in Outlook Web Access (OWA). Please read the following document to understand how to manage the Junk mails.

1. Click on Options.

2. Select Junk E-mail.

You get the following options:

Do not filter junk e-mail: Turning on this option disables the filtering of junk mails. If you choose this option, you will be unable to control unwanted and unsolicited messages. It is recommended to not enable this option.

Automatically filter junk e-mail: Turn on this option to enable junk e-mail filtering. Outlook Web Access processes incoming mail based on the senders and recipients lists. Suspected junk e-mail message is identified and moved to the Junk E-mail folder.

Manage Junk E-Mail Senders and Recipients Lists

Use the Safe Senders List, the Safe Recipients List, and the Blocked Senders List to control how messages that are sent to you are treated by the junk e-mail filter based on who they are from or what address they were sent to.

When Outlook Web Access checks incoming messages, your junk e-mail filter gives precedence to e-mail addresses over domains. For example, the domain is on your Blocked Senders List and the address is on your Safe Senders List. The address will be allowed to send e-mail messages to your Inbox, but all other e-mail addresses that have the domain are sent to your Junk E-mail folder.

You do not have to include the “at” (@) sign when entering just the domain name. Outlook Web Access automatically adds it.

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