Manually Configuring Outlook 2013 for Apps4Rent’s Hosted Exchange 2013

Please check the following Video for help on setting up Outlook 2013 with Apps4Rent’s Hosted Exchange 2013 environment.  Below the video are the steps in text.


1.   Click on Start > Control Panel (in your Desktop).

2.   Double Click on ‘Mail’ icon

3.   Click on ‘Show Profiles

4.   Click on ‘Add

5.   Provide a name (Can provide the user’s display name) and click on OK.

6    Please select the option ‘Manually configure server settings or additional server types’ and click on ‘Next

7.   Select ‘Microsoft Exchange’ and click on ‘Next’

8.   In the Microsoft Exchange Server, type: Ex13DAG10-N7

9.   In the User name, type the Display Name of the user account you are configuring
Now, don’t click on ‘Next’ or ‘Check Name. Instead click on ‘More Settings’.
At the next pop up box which says, ‘The action cannot be completed. ….. ‘ Please click on ‘OK’.
You need to click on ‘Cancel’ at the next pop up box.

10.  In the next pop up box, please select the ‘Connection’ tab.

11.  Click on the button ‘Exchange Proxy Settings’.

12.  In connection settings type in the box:

13.  Put a check mark on ‘Connect using SSL Only’

14.  Ensure there is a check mark on ‘Only connect to proxy servers that have this principal name in their certificate

15.  Type the following in the below box:

16.  Ensure both the boxes below for ‘fast and slow network’ is checked

17.  Under ‘Proxy authentication’ settings select ‘Basic Authentication’ from the drop down list then hit OK.

18.  Click on ‘Apply’ and ‘OK’ on This Window.

19.  Now click on ‘Check Name’.

20.  Type the email address in the user name field and type in the password for this account and click on ‘OK’.

21.  Once it gets authenticated; server name and username would have an underline

22.  Hit ‘Next ‘and ‘Finish’ the setup process.

Open Outlook and it would again prompt for the login credentials for authentication.

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