How is it possible to migrate data from QuickBooks on Mac to Windows Cloud Desktop?

QuickBooks can be migrated from Macs to Windows Cloud Desktop. You must export QuickBooks files from your Mac, migrate it on a Windows Desktop, download and restore the files easily. Once you have QuickBooks files on your local Windows desktop, follow the easy process to migrate QuickBooks files from local PC to the Cloud. Make sure you have QuickBooks Desktop installed on your destination computer.

Migrate QuickBooks files from Mac to Windows Cloud Desktop:

1. Export QuickBooks file from your Macintosh computer

2. Migrate it on Windows Desktop

3. Download and restore from your local Windows computer

4. Move the QuickBooks files to the Cloud Deskop

Moving QuickBooks on a cloud desktop from Mac is an easy process, if properly guided through each step. If you have any questions on QuickBooks cloud migration, contact our Microsoft certified cloud hosting experts.

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