Prevent sharing of local resources like printers and devices on your Hosted Desktop

By default; the RDP connection to your Hosted Desktop is configured to share your local PC’s resources like printers/USB devices and drives.  If for any reason you want to disable such sharing; please follow these steps.

1.   Click on Start and type mstsc
Windows Vista and Windows 7 customers can click on Windows Button and R at the same time.

2.   Type mstsc.

3.   Click on Options.

4.   Type the login name which will be in the format HOSTALLAPPS\username

5.   Click on Local Resources Rab.

6.   To prevent sharing of Printer/Clipboard of your local PC; uncheck “Printers” and “Clipboard” options.

7.   For USB devices click on “More” and expand “Other Supported Plug and Play Devices by clicking the plus sign”.

8.   Uncheck “Devices that I plug in later”

9.   Click OK.

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