How to use Remote Desktop with iOS Devices?

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Over the years, there is an increasing number of iOS device users like iPhones and iPads. While many of our clients prefer to use these when on the move, Windows machines continue to be preferred for business operations. The Remote Desktop client for iOS devices can be used to access Windows apps and desktops directly from iPhones and iPads. This guide would be of assistance should you require to access your remote desktop from iOS devices.

Accessing Cloud Desktop Using iOS

What will you need?

You will need to download and install the Microsoft Remote Desktop client on your iOS device to access your Virtual Desktop. Typing in the unique credentials assigned to you in the welcome email from Apps4Rent into the application will allow you to access the Virtual Desktop. The credentials that will be available in the email are stated below.

  • Desktop Name/RDP Host Name
  • IP Address (optional)
  • Username
  • Password

Now that you have your credentials, and the Microsoft Remote Desktop client on your iOS device, let’s get started.


Accessing Remote Desktop Connection From iOS Devices

  • Install the Remote Desktop Services on the iOS device from the Appstore and click on the + sign on the PCs window after you launch it.
  • Select Add PC and type in the PC name and add User Account.
  • Type in the credentials from the email for the User Name and hit Save.
  • Click on the newly added Virtual Desktop appearing on the PCs screen to start the connection.

Mapping Local Drive on the Phone to Virtual Desktop

If you need to access content on your iPhone/ iPad on the Virtual Desktop, enable Storage on the Add PC screen. Please note that this feature is available only on devices fully supporting version 10.0.0 upwards.

Congratulations! Now you can access your Virtual Desktop from your iPhone or iPad from anywhere at any time. Contact the Apps4Rent support team for assistance if you continue to face issues.

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