Remove a mobile device from Exchange server sync

Removing a mobile device from the list of mobile devices in OWA

You will want to remove a device from the Mobile Devices list in OWA under the following situations:

  • When you still have the device but you are no longer using it to synchronize with your Exchange mailbox.
  • When the device was recently wiped and the partnership with the Exchange Server must be fully removed.

If you want to reuse a mobile device that has been wiped, you must first remove it from the list and then establish a new partnership with the Exchange server.

To remove a device

1. Click on Options in OWA

2. Click on Mobile Devices.

3. Select the device that you want to remove.

4. Click Remove Device from List.

5. Select Yes when you are prompted to confirm that you want to remove the mobile device.

If you remove a mobile device without first wiping it, all the information that is on the device at the time that you removed it remains on the device. To restore the relationship between the device and the Exchange Server, sync the device with the server.

If there is any chance that another person will use your device, wipe the device before you remove it. If you have already removed it from the mobile device list, but have not wiped it, you can add it back to the list by synchronizing from the device. Then you can wipe the device and remove it from the Mobile Devices list.

Remove the Exchange Partnership from a Mobile Device That Has Been Wiped

If you want to resuse the same device for synchronizing mails from this account; then you must first remove the device from the mobile device list in Outlook Web Access.

You can re-initiate synchronization with your mailbox from the device to re-create the partnership between your mailbox and the device.

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