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Restoring/Backing up a SharePoint site over 24 MB using SharePoint Designer 2007

How to backup and restore a SharePoint Site over 24 MB using SharePoint Designer 2007?

Microsoft Sharepoint Designer 2007 may have problem to backup a Sharepoint site over 24 meg. Here is a workaround to be able to take a full backup of your Sharepoint site and restore that one to your portal with Apps4Rent:

1. Microsoft Sharepoint Designer 2007, create a backup file and save it to your computer.
2. Go to your Sharepoint recycling bin and locate the files it created during the backup and restore those files, and then download them to your computer.
3. Change the filename from .cmp to .cab
4. Extract all the files from all your .cabs to a folder say… ‘tmpSharepoint’
5. Go here: and get yourself a copy of cabarc
6. Now run the command.. like.. ‘cabarc N tmpSharepoint \*.*’
7. Rename to sharepoint.cmp.
8. Restore.

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