Sending HTML Emails in Microsoft Outlook 2007


When composing an e-mail message, you select the HTML message format, and then one or more of the following occurs:

You cannot use HTML tags to compose your message.
When you paste HTML code into the message, you see only the HTML code, not the rendered HTML that you expect to see.
You cannot view the HTML code of the message you entered.


Microsoft Office Outlook 2007 uses an e-mail message editor based on Microsoft Office Word 2007. Office Outlook 2007 offers a WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) editing environment. The message that you compose is converted to HTML format for sending.

Office Outlook 2007 is not designed for you to directly enter or view HTML tags when composing an e-mail message.


To edit HTML code, you must use an HTML editor, such as Microsoft Office SharePoint Designer 2007.

Note You can view the HTML code of an HTML message that you receive by opening the message, right-clicking the body area, and then clicking View Source on the shortcut menu.

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