Setting up a SharePoint Discussion Board to receive e-mail

How to set up a SharePoint discussion board to receive e-mail?

If the participants belong to a SharePoint group that has an e-mail distribution list, a discussion board can be a part of the e-mail list. Then, when the participants send e-mail to members of the group, their discussions are automatically added to and archived in the discussion board on the Windows SharePoint Services 3.0 site.

The following procedure enables an existing discussion board, such as the default Team Discussion board, to receive e-mail. You can also choose this setting when you create a new discussion board.

1. If the discussion board is not already open, click its name on the Quick Launch.
2. To change the settings for this discussion board, on the Settings menu , click Discussion Board Settings.
3. Under Communications, click Incoming e-mail settings.
4. Under Enable this list to receive e-mail, click Yes.
5. In the E-mail address box, type a unique name to use as part of the e-mail address for the discussion board.
6. Choose any other settings that you want, such as whether messages sent in e-mail should keep their attachments (such as pictures or documents) or whether the original e-mail message should be saved in the discussion board as an attachment.
7. Click OK.

If someone set up your SharePoint group to receive e-mail, your discussion board may already have its own e-mail address. If so, you should make a note of the address and then confirm with your site owner or administrator.
¢ If you do not see Incoming e-mail settings, your site may not be set up so that lists can receive e-mail. For information, see your administrator.

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