Setting up Hosted Microsoft Exchange on Motorola Droid Phone

How to Set up Hosted Microsoft Exchange on Motorola Droid Phone

1. From the home screen, touch the applications tab (located on the bottom of the screen).
2. Enter the Exchange email address and password then touch Next.
3. Touch Exchange account
4. Enter the Exchange server settings in the appropriate fields:
Password: The user’s password
Exchange Server:

NOTE: You can check the SAM Account Name in the Apps4Rent control panel under Login name of the user.
5. Put a check mark next to “Use Secure SSL” and “Accept All SSL certificates”
6. Touch the E-mail checking frequency and select the desired frequency.
7. Configure other sync settings as desired.
8. Finally give a name to mailbox and Enter the Display Name as used in Outlook.
9. Tap Done.

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