Setting up Palm Centro using VersaMail to sync e-mails with hosted Exchange server

How to setup Palm Centro using VersaMail to sync with Apps4Rent hosted Exchange server.

1. Please ensure that your device has a good data reception.
2. Choose “Start”
3. Choose “Messaging”:
4. Select “Add a new email account”
5. Ensure that the box which says “Try to get e-mail settings automatically from the Internet” is unchecked
6. Enter your email address in the box, and then choose “Next”
7. Choose “Exchange Server”.
8. Select “Next”
9. Again click “Next”.
10. Please enter for your server address.
11. Enter your UPN Login where it says “User name”.
12. Enter your password.
13. Select the Folders and items you wish to synchronize.
14. Make your choices and click “Finish”.
Port Number: By default, the port number setting is 443. You may need to change the port number if you choose not to retrieve incoming mail over a secure connection.
Use Secure Connection (SSL): By default, this box is checked, meaning you can retrieve incoming mail over a secure (Secure Sockets Layer, or SSL) connection. Uncheck the box if you do not want to receive email over an SSL connection.

15. Select Next.

Optional: If you selected Advanced …

16. If you use a proxy server, enter the proxy server name and port number, and check the box if your server requires authentication. Check with your system administrator for this information.

17. Select Done.

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