SharePoint Calendar via Email

Step by step instruction on how to add an event to a calendar in Microsoft SharePoint by using e-mail.

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SharePoint calendars can be set up and configured so that people can add items by sending e-mail, if your Microsoft SharePoint site is enabled to receive content by e-mail. If so, you can send new calendar items from any calendar or e-mail programs that support the iCalendar format.

Before you can send e-mail to a MS SharePoint calendar, you need to know whether the calendar is set up to receive e-mail and then obtain that email address.

Do one or more of the following to obtain the e-mail address for the calendar:

  • Look in the address book of your e-mail program. If the e-mail address is not there, you need to obtain it from the person who set up the calendar. Then you can add it to the contacts list of your e-mail program, so that you can easily find it later.
  • View the description of your SharePoint calendar, which appears just under the title of the calendar. Your site owner may have added the e-mail address of the calendar to its description.
  • View the e-mail settings for the list, if the e-mail address of the calendar does not appear in the description and if you have permission to view calendar settings:
    1. If the list is not already open, click its name on the Quick Launch.

If the name of your list does not appear, click View All Site Content, and then click the name of your list.

  • On the Settings menu click List Settings.
  • If the calendar is enabled to receive e-mail, its address appears under List Information, next to E-mail Address.
  • Use the e-mail address of your SharePoint group to send the calendar item, such as a meeting request or appointment, in e-mail. Your organization may have its own e-mail list, called a SharePoint group, which enables its members to send mail to each other. The SharePoint group address can contain the address of your calendar, so that when you send a meeting request to members of the group, the items are automatically added to your SharePoint calendar.
  • To send a calendar item, send a meeting request or an appointment from your e-mail or calendar program.

Calendars can be set up to also receive attachments to items by e-mail. To include an attachment with your list item, attach the file to your meeting request as you normally do.

  • In the To or Cc box of the meeting request, enter the address of the calendar. If your SharePoint group already includes the calendar, enter the e-mail address of the SharePoint group instead.
  • Send the message. In most e-mail applications, you click Send to send the message.

Note: If you send a calendar item to a SharePoint site by using e-mail, you need to let your meeting attendees know if the meeting changes. If you change the meeting details on the SharePoint site, meeting updates and cancellations are not sent automatically from the SharePoint site.

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