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Adding a Navigation Button in SharePoint with Content Editor Web Part

We can add the navigation buttons on to SharePoint using Content Editor web part. The following steps need to be performed to add Navigation Buttons in SharePoint:

1. Upload the Image which you want to use for the button into SharePoint document library

2. On the site where you wish to add the button, click Site Actions then Edit Page

3. Click Add a Web Part.

4. Select and add a Content Editor Web Part

5. Click on the Edit drop-down and select the option Modify Shared Web Part.

6. In the Properties box click on the Rich Text Editor button

7. In the HTML Editor box that appears, click the Insert Image icon

8. In the Edit Image Properties window enter the path to the image which we uploaded in step 1 and select ok

9. Use the Insert Hyperlink icon in the toolbar to map a destination path

10. Paste the location of the path of site which you want to add the Navigation

11. Click OK again to exit the HTML Editor window.

12. Expand the Appearance section of the Web Part Properties box, and change Chrome Type to None

13. Click OK at the bottom of the Web Part Properties box.

14. Click Exit Edit Mode

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