Sharing your Exchange Calendar in Entourage 2004/2008

When you share your Exchange calendar with someone in Entourage 2004 or Entourage 2008, the person with whom you share the calendar gets permission to open your exchange calendar. By sharing the calendar with another person on Entourage 2004/2008, you can give that another person permission to create meetings on your behalf and make other changes if there is any.

There are several types of sharing Exchange Calendar in Entourage 2004/2008; here are two common choices:

* Reviewer—allows a person to see your calendar, but not make changes to it.
* Editor—allows a person to see and make changes to your calendar. An editor can create meetings on your behalf.

How to open a Shared Calendar in Entourage 2004/Entourage 2008?

To open a shared calendar in Entourage 2004 or Entourage 2008, do the following:

1. Open Entourage
2. Click Calendar in the upper left corner of the window
3. Click File > Open Other User’s Folder
4. In the User box, type the name or the ULID of the person whose calendar you want to open
5. Click OK
6. The shared calendar appears in the calendar list on the left side of the window
7. Select the shared calendar to view it

Your Exchange calendar is now shared. You should inform those you shared your calendar with so they can open it in Outlook or Entourage.

Here are some tips on sharing the calendar in Entourage 2004 or Entourage 2008:
• In step 2, mentioned above, type the last name first
• Or type the first name only or the last name only

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